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Please see Chapter 145 for Zoning ordinances.

Wright Township Zoning and Building Permits

Zoning permits are issued under municipal ordinance. The code regulates setbacks, types of uses, height, parking requirements, designs, etc. The township is divided into different zoning districts. Each district has its own set of regulations.

Zoning Permit
Zoning Fees


Driveway Installer, Driveway & Road Cut Permits

Driveway Permit Application

Driveway Ordinance Policy for Licensed Driveway Installers

Driveway Installers Application

Pave Cut Permit Application


Building code is related to construction safety and standards. The township has adopted the PA UCC construction codes building standards.

Building Permit Application (UCC construction permit)

Building/UCC Fees

Stormwater Management Permit Application


Variances, Exceptions and Zoning Changes

Zoning Hearing Board Application


The township has prepared a guideline to the zoning and building permit process as well as guidelines for specific projects.


Guideline Documents:
Residential Addition (single family)
Patios & Carports (single family) Guide
Decks & Porches (single family) Guide
Residential Pool Guide
Commercial Plan Guide


Zoning and Building Inspection services are provided by:
Barry Isett & Assoc.
100 West Broad Street, Suite 200
Hazleton PA 18201-1064
Phone (570) 455-2999

Zoning Office is available by appointment or questions can be addressed to Zoning Officer at number above.

Forms may be picked up and dropped off with Zoning Secretary in the Township Office.

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