Snow Plow Policy

Road Master
Michael Marshall

We are on call 24/7 during the snow season.

Plowing actions are determined during the day by the public works director. The police department will monitor roads during off hours and will contact the public works director with condition updates.

Taking into consideration type of storm, length, daytime or nighttime, school session or about to start, decisions are made as to what type of plowing technique and materials are used. There are presently 4 full-time operators including the working foreman that maintain township roads.

Although our township consists of state, county, and private roads, the township is only responsible for township owned roads.

During inclement weather, we monitor radio frequencies for fire, ambulance and police. If an emergency occurs durning in inclement weather, a plow truck is dispatched to clear the road.

Plow routes are discussed and reviewed annually.

Equipment is inspected and maintained in between storms and updated as necessary.

Please be patient while winter operations are under way.

There is no parking on township roads during snow removal.

Please be patient with our operators as we work numerous hours to keep the roads clear and safe.

Complaints/compliments/concerns can be directly sent to the road foreman at 570-474-9067 ext-214.

Dead Animal Removal

PennDot has private contractors to remove deer along state roads. The Pennsylvania Game Commission will remove large game animals from limited access highways. Contact the PennDOT county office or the local Game Commission for dead animal removal.

If you have a maintenance concern related to a state-maintained roadway, such as potholes or dead deer, (click on link) or call 1-800-FIX-ROAD. (349-7623)

PENNDOT Maintenance District 4-3
381 S. Main St.
Ashley, PA 18706
Phone Number: 570-826-2386

ROAD-KILLED DEER should be reported directly to the region office that serves the county where the animal is located. A variety of entities handle road-killed deer removal throughout the state and the region office can clarify the proper authorities to notify based on the location of the animal.

Northeast Region
Bradford, Carbon, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Pike, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming counties
3917 Memorial Highway
Dallas, PA 18612-0220
Phone: 570-675-1143, 570-675-1144