Pennsylvania Unveils New PA Business One-Stop Shop Registration Tool to Cut Red Tape, Streamline Launching a Business

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced that opening a business in Pennsylvania just became easier with the creation of PA Business One-Stop Shop Registration Checklist. This tool will help small business owners and entrepreneurs more easily access necessary licenses, permits, forms, and contact information personalized for the needs of their company in just a few minutes.

“The registration checklist allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to feel confident in the preliminary steps of registering their business, which can be an overwhelming process,” said Gov. Wolf. “The PA Business One-Stop Shop was created with exactly that intention—to take out the guesswork and ensure that resources are collectively available and can be accessed with ease.”

The PA Business One-Stop Shop launched last year with the purpose of serving as the sole source for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking guidance through all stages of business development. From planning and startup to operation and expansion, the Business One-Stop Shop offers resources for entrepreneurs, existing businesses looking to grow, and businesses from other states or countries interested in expansion in Pennsylvania.

Before the governor established the Business One-Stop Shop, small business owners and entrepreneurs had to reach out to multiple agencies and organizations for assistance throughout planning, startup, and operation processes. Small businesses employ about half of Pennsylvania’s private workforce, and about 99.6 percent of all businesses in the commonwealth are small businesses.

In October 2018, Gov. Wolf announced that the legislature passed House Bill 1284, which codified into statute the Business One-Stop Shop initiative initially proposed in his 2017-18 budget address. The One-Stop Shop quickly built momentum after its launch, generating more than 174,000 unique visits to the website and receiving critical buy-in and support from partners across the commonwealth like Small Business Development Centers.

“Governor Wolf tasked agencies with simplifying state government by cutting red tape to bolster business development and growth,” said Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin. “By streamlining the Business One-Stop Shop process, we are giving entrepreneurs the peace of mind they need to take their business from concept to reality in a personalized, efficient way.”

With the support of a team of business consultants and subject matter experts who work collaboratively to pool their resources, knowledge, and experience, the PA Business One-Stop Shop makes all aspects of business development accessible.

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