PennDOT Public Comment Period

Wright Township contains several state owned roads (SR309, SR437 and SR2045 to name a few). This is your opportunity as a resident to give input to PA DOT about the importance of maintaining and improving these roads.

The State Transportation Commission (STC) and PennDOT are excited to announce the beginning of the Twelve Year Transportation Program Planning Process. The STC recently released the 2019 Transportation Performance Report. It contains info about how PA’s transportation system performed over the last two years. We encourage you to read and share the report and then – Tell Us What You Think!

The Open Public Comment Period for the 2021 Twelve Year Program Update is March 11 – April 26, 2019.

Your support helps PennDOT to receive a more accurate distribution of comments across the state. It also allows PennDOT to provide you with more useful regional data for your TIP, LRTP and other planning documents.

Take the Transportation Survey: March 11 – April 26

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