E Recycling

Today, Reworld™, in partnership with Goodwill Keystone Area, unveiled a new initiative to provide free electronic waste recycling across 22 central and southeastern Pennsylvania counties. The program was launched during an event at the local Goodwill Keystone Area store and donation center in Lemoyne, just across the river from the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Reworld™ is a proven provider of e-waste recycling, recovery and environmentally responsible disposal, having recycled more than 135 million pounds of e-waste.

Jessica Shirley, Acting Secretary of the state Department of Environmental Protection, was present at the launch event, underscoring the importance of this pivotal move toward enhancing e-waste recycling access for the state’s residents. 

“Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and making electronics reuse and recycling easier and more accessible is critical to keeping these materials out of landfills or worse, illegally dumped,” said Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Acting Secretary Jessica Shirley. “This program reduces waste, reuses items that are still good, and recycles the ones that aren’t.” 

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