Leaf Collection Program 2020

The Township will offer a free leaf pickup program this Fall. The program will run for approximately 5 weeks and will start at a date to be determined. During this time, homeowners may dispose of leaves in biodegradable paper yard waste bags. No plastic bags will be collected. There is a 60 pound maximum per bag. (Don’t forget that wet leaves add to the weight of the bag.) Bagged leaves should be put at the edge of the right of way.

Residents are encouraged to use other environmentally friendly ways of disposing of leaves. Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs to provide nutrients for the soil and insulation for rose bushes and other fickle plants, or use a mulching lawn mower to return those nutrients back to your lawn.

Residents may also dispose of leaves by taking them to the Mountain Top Council of Government (COG) yard waste facility in the industrial park. The COG is open Wednesday 10am-2pm and Sat. 10am-4pm. There is a $10 annual permit fee (for those under 65) to dispose of leaves and yard waste at this facility. Permits may be purchased at the facility or in the township office when business resumes to normal.

A reminder that the burning of leaves is not permitted within Township limits.

Leaf collection dates are subject to change because of inclement weather, equipment, or high leaf volume. Residents should plan ahead and put leaves out early to help ensure collection. Check out our website www.wrightownship.org for dates and details of the leaf pickup when available.