As you are already aware, COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it.  We’re all adjusting to a “new normal” and that can be scary and overwhelming.  For some, this can be very stressful, especially for those experiencing issues such as lack of food, unstable housing, or social isolation.  What people may not know is there are many services and nonprofit organizations that can help the during these trying times.  Highmark is trying assist people with an online tool to help people find these resources.

Meet Aunt Bertha

Highmark, Allegheny Health Network, and Gateway Health are providing open access to Aunt Bertha, a tool that connects people seeking help with local nonprofits and services in their communities. Aunt Bertha has the largest and most widely used social care network in the country, offering access to resources such as food, housing, utilities, government benefits, and legal services. COVID-19-specific resources will also be available on the site.

How it works

Aunt Bertha is free and simple for anyone to use. Visit and click on the Medical and Community Resources page to access the Aunt Bertha tool. You can enter your zip code then type a search term, or choose from any of the below categories, which will display available resources and services in your area. To further customize the search, you can also add filters, such as hours of availability, language, and distance to agency.      

Categories include:

  •  Food (e.g., emergency food, nutrition education)
  • Housing (e.g., help paying for housing, housing advice, temporary shelter)
  • Goods (e.g., clothing, baby supplies, home goods)
  •  Transit (e.g., help paying for transit)
  • Health (e.g., dental care, health education, medical care, vision services)
  • Money (e.g., financial education, tax preparation, government benefits)
  • Care (e.g., adoption and foster care, animal welfare, counseling and support groups)
  • Education (e.g., help paying for school, screening and exams)
  • Work (e.g., help finding work, skills and training)
  •  Legal (e.g., legal aid, mediation)