Out All Night

Snow Plowing Policy

The Township gives top priority to winter maintenance keeping the roads free of ice and snow to ensure the safety of residents and the motoring public. The township is not responsible for maintaining private roads.

To insure the roads are maintained safely and with limited difficulty, residents are asked to keep in mind the following regulations:

  • Do not plow or shove snow from driveways onto roadways at any time; this creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles.
  • Where off-street parking is available, the Public Works department asks that if there is a heavy snowfall and plowing is necessary, that you park your car in your driveway. This simple measure will assist us with snow removal.

    Public Right-of-Way
    The public right-of-way is the area of ground designated for streets and curbs and is to be kept clear for public use. It may not be used for storage of vehicles, trash, building materials, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles or any other items.